About Me


Hi! Let’s talk about why “Too Cheeky” just became your go-to swimwear line. The inclusive brand was designed for all women to appreciate their bodies! With the range of small to x-large, women of all body types will fall in love with our unique, flattering, and beautiful bathing suits. With the perfect fit, you’ll never have any trouble with our products because we encourage everyone to embrace their curves. If you’re going to show some skin, you might as well be cheeky with us! 


The young women entrepreneur above created this swim-line to allow women to feel comfortable and cheeky. By shopping with Too Cheeky Swimwear, you’ll always look drop dead gorgeous by the poolside and your beach-day pictures will always come out flawlessly! Heads will turn as you walk-by because you’ll be Too Cheeky for the world to handle. Our fabrics are soft and can’t wait to get wet! Whether your style is to wear monokinis (one-piece) or bikinis (two-piece), always remember “One piece, Two piece... Don’t cover up your Cheeks!"